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Nurse by Day
Film Producer by Night

Let's Bring Your Vision to Life with Heart and Cinematic Brilliance.

Meet Robyn Roots: The Heart Behind
Klosa Productions

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Robyn Roots, MSN, RN, CDN, the driving force behind Klosa Productions, is not your typical filmmaker. By day, she is a compassionate and dedicated nurse, navigating the intricacies of healthcare with a caring touch. By night, she transforms into a visionary storyteller, seamlessly blending her nursing expertise with a passion for cinematic excellence.

Nurse by Day

Robyn's journey in healthcare spans years of hands-on experience and a commitment to making a positive impact on people's lives. Her empathy, resilience, and dedication to healing shine through in every aspect of her work.

Filmmaker by Night

Driven by a love for storytelling, Robyn ventured into the world of filmmaking to create a space where narratives come to life. Her unique perspective, shaped by the challenges and triumphs of the healthcare world, adds depth and authenticity to every project.

Get to know Robyn Roots on a personal level as she shares insights, behind-the-scenes anecdotes, and the inspiration behind Klosa Productions' most cherished projects. Follow along on this creative journey where compassion, professionalism, and cinematic brilliance converge.

Choose Klosa Productions: Your Vision, Our Expertise

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Dual Expertise

Benefit from the unique blend of professional nursing experience, music and cinematic creativity. Our team, led by a dedicated nurse-filmmaker, brings a holistic perspective to every project.

Passion meets Profession.png

Passion Meets Profession

We're not just filmmakers; we're passionate storytellers, and music producers with a commitment to excellence. By day, we heal; by night, we craft compelling narratives that leave a lasting impact.

Quality Assurance.png

Quality Assurance

Expect nothing less than top-tier quality. Our commitment to excellence has garnered accolades, making us a trusted choice for those who seek perfection in every frame.

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Innovative Solutions

Stay ahead in the digital landscape. From cutting-edge music and filmmaking techniques to creative digital media solutions, we bring innovation to every project, ensuring your content stands out.

Proven Track Record.png

Proven Track Record

Join a roster of satisfied clients who've experienced the Klosa touch. Our track record of success speaks for itself, solidifying our position as a reliable and creative force in the industry.

Your Story, Our Priority.png

Your Story, Our Priority

Your narrative is unique, and we treat it as such. Your story is our priority, and we're dedicated to bringing it to life with authenticity, emotion, and cinematic brilliance.


Upcoming YouTube Talk Show!
 Nursing Narratives: A Black Nurse's Journey 

Available To Speak In Person and Online
Robyn Roots, MSN, RN, CDN

Turn your ideas into a captivating narrative! Schedule a complimentary consultation call with Robyn Roots, MSN, RN, CDN - the visionary force behind Klosa Productions. Whether you're an aspiring author, produce quality music, looking to bring your story to the screen, or a business seeking a compelling video strategy, Robyn is here to guide you.

In this free consultation, Robyn will delve into the heart of your project. From understanding your vision to exploring the unique elements that make your story shine, this call is your opportunity to tap into Robyn's expertise as a nurse-filmmaker, and see if you can work with Robyn.

First 30-minute Consultation Call is absolutely FREE!

For extended creative discussions, a $50/HR charge applies.

Host a Screening

Our company offers private screenings of our awarding winning film 2020 Year of The Nurse. We offer In person or virtual screenings for universities, corporations, churches and other organizations.

Host a Screening

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