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Klosa Productions LLC
October 2017- Present
CEO & Founder
Production Company, Richmond, VA
Writer, Director, Producer of film and Music
Full Time

Kidney Keeper LLC
April 2013- Present
CEO & Founder
Renal Strategist and Consultant, Richmond, VA
Part Time
● Develop and facilitate workshops and organize health fairs to educate high functioning
organizations about hypertension, diabetes, and kidney disease.

Menopause Navigator LLC
March 2023-Present
CEO & Founder
Menopause Expert, Menopause Strategist and Consultant, Richmond, VA
Part Time
● Develop and facilitate workshops, organize health fairs, and create policies for high
functioning organizations about Menopause and offer Continuing Professional
Development points.

Nursing Professional Development Practitioner, Renal Specialist
Scholarship Program Coordinator, Valor Coordinator
May 2009-July 2022 (Retired)

Employer: Central Virginia VA Health Care System: Richmond VHA

● Developed and implemented a Pre-Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)program which facilitates transition to renal replacement therapy.
● Responsible for development of educational programs, orientation, and training
● activities and in-services for nursing staff and other specialty units in the medical center.
● Adjunct Instructor for Valor Students and mentor new RN graduates to pursue higher education.
● Managed preceptors for new employee orientation and provided continuing education and resources.
● Certified Mentor for the Veterans Health Administration. Mentor and coach technicians, nurse’s fellows, and various hospital staff to facilitate setting goals for a better career outcome.
● Led and participated in evidence-based research regarding the procedural change of heparin to citrate to prevent Heparin Induced Thrombocytopenia (HIT) in dialysis patients. RESEARCH
● Participated in a pressure ulcer prevention research team to reduce the risk of pressure ulcer development in the spinal cord injured hemodialysis patient. RESEARCH
● Led patient and staff cushion trial which identified hemodialysis patients that were at risk for skin breakdown, pressure ulcers and deep tissue injury while sitting in geriatric chair during dialysis treatments. RESEARCH
● Nursing staff cushion trial identified staff at risk for back pain, hip pain and ergonomic problems while working at the computer over 85% of a shift. RESEARCH
● Developed and implemented a Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy (CRRT) toolbox, competency, and training program.
● Critical care instructor and Expert in CRRT and renal disease for the Medical Center.
● Coordinated and developed CKD educational presentations to improve Veteran patient outcomes in the medical center.
● Develop and implement educational programs for nursing staff to initiate quality improvements in the medical facility.
● Collaborated with VHA and VCU Associate Chief Nurse, Nurse Manager, to enhance, improving consultative interaction in the field of research.
● Responsible for data management of the dialysis unit, involved in creation of daily peer chart audit form to monitor, evaluate, and improve outcome performance.
● Implement infection and quality improvements to lower and minimize infection rates in the dialysis unit.

● Participate on the quality-of-care ethics and goal sharing committee.

March 2008 – April 2009

Employer: DaVita Dialysis
Richmond Community Hospital

● Provided leadership and management of daily operation of the dialysis unit.
● Collaborated with care providers to develop and implement changes and initiate therapeutic plans of care for performance improvement.
● Developed quality assurance programs to minimize infection in the dialysis unit. Reduced infection rate by 50%, increased kinetic, time and value (KTV) related to patient mortality by 65% and maintained hematocrit values above established regional standards.
● Financial management, review, and budget forecasting.
● Established “SPA” agreement with area hospitals to minimize hospital lodging time which resulted in reduced cost for the hospital which enabled immediate payment for dialysis treatments.
● Clinical Outcome Manager involved in measuring, tracking, and improving performance in key clinical benchmarks.
● Quality Manager responsible for data management of the facility.
● Developed and initiated Fistula First Initiative Program.
● Led and participated in evidence-based research regarding the procedural change of heparin to citrate to prevent Heparin Induced Thrombocytopenia (HIT) in dialysis patients.

February 1991 – March 2008
Employer: DaVita Dialysis

● Supervised training for all new nurses and technicians.
● Developed and implemented training for reuse and water training for two new dialysis units.
● Provided admission and ongoing assessment of patients to identify healthcare needs.
● Developed and implemented the empowerment program designed to educate family and patients about options for dialysis, access, and diet before starting hemodialysis
● Developed treatment plan for new home hemodialysis patients, educated patients and family members on NXSTAGE machine.

● Monitored and evaluated patients utilizing telecommunication technology, in collaboration with physicians to make changes in treatment plans.
● Provided leadership and served as formal mentor and preceptor for acute and home hemodialysis nurses.
● Developed and implemented contract meetings for acute dialysis in 13 area hospitals.
● Developed and educated dialysis staff on policy and procedures for home and acute dialysis patients.
● Serve as diversity liaison for new members of the acute and in center dialysis team.
● Accountable for safe and effective use of equipment and enforce policies and procedures.
● Conducted formal reviews of performance of others and identified methods to improve individual performance.

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